Garden Delight - Company

Garden Delight is an enterprise which was established and manned by a team of certified agricultural engineers whose main objective was landscaping and redesigning property in order to create a pleasing effect. Our devotion and familiarization with greenery and our love for the contact of nature has led us to set up a company whose main engagement is to bring a touch of greenery into private or business area.

Having a profound knowledge and the expertise in the field of landscaping and redesigning property and possessing the proper technical equipment, we guarantee to our clients quality services at very competitive prices.

We redesign your space according to your taste and needs so to become aesthetic, viable and practical. Moreover we create the proper ground works; we plant, we decorate, light up your space in order to look nice and to create the euphoria and elevation you may be looking forward to.

Yet, scientific knowledge and technical background is not enough to reach an artistic result. A third element of creativity must be added and this is what we call ‘meraki’. That is, the ‘culture of greenery’ which reflects the exquisite taste of the people who work for our company. The people, who as real artists, are the backbone of our enterprise.

Our environmental awareness and a prudent utilization of resources allow us to provide services at reasonable prices, always valuing the money spent by our clients.

Our motto reads: quality time for our clients in a paradise garden. And the first step in this direction may as well be the introduction of greenery in your own space.

Yours faithfully
Dimitris Grintzos
Agricultural Engineer. M.S.